Audio Mastering

Our Audio Mastering processes are designed to ensure that your music is heard ‘the way it’s meant to be heard‘.

Do I Need Mastering?

Audio mastering is the final and most vital process in any audio project. With so many different devices that your audience could listen to your track on, audio quality and its translation between devices will vary greatly. The Audio Mastering process compensates for these changes in order to make sure your track sounds amazing on any device.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We do not use shortcuts or generic, ‘slap it on’ mastering presets.
  2. We do not over compress, squash or compromise your tracks dynamic range.
  3. Our boutique audio mastering process follows the glory days of analogue sound.
  4. We spend time with you and your track to understand how you want to connect with the audience.

Our Packages

We offer Audio Mastering services for independent musicians, films and commercial audio projects. Contact us for a personalised quote best suited to your requirements.

Single Track Master

Single Track

Max 4 minutes

Standard Mastering


*Time Limits Apply

Album Master

Discounted prices available

for albums. Get in touch for

a personalised quote.


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